Elite Health& Nutrition DipNNT, mNNA Assoc Naturopath


Lifestyles these days can make it difficult to make appropriate choices, with an over-reliance on processed, convenience foods, sugary snacks, caffeine and alcohol to get us through.  If we then add in the stress of trying to to balance jobs with home life, and a lack of exercise, it is no wonder that so many of us have less than perfect health and vitality.


What it involves?

Your initial consultation will last around an hour and a half.  This is to properly understand how your body works, what has gone wrong, and most importantly, why. We will discuss your current symptoms, past health issues, your family medical history, and your lifestyle and eating habits to try and answer these questions. 

A brief Iris, tongue and nail analysis also adds information.

At the end of the consultation you will take with you a personalised diet plan, and a report will be send to you soon after, with further explanations and advice on lifestyle and, if necessary, supplementation.  This will all be completely individual to you, and appropriate and realistic for your personal circumstances.

NEW!  Food Intolerance testing!  A really simple way to get really specific information about what could be causing symptoms as diverse as Acne, Bloating, Fatigue, Weight gain or loss, Tension, Headaches and much more







What can be helped?

There are many conditions that can respond favourably to nutritional therapy

Diagnosed medical conditions

Food allergies or intolerances

Digestive disorders

Irritable bowel syndrome



Fatigue, e.g. ME/CFS

Headaches or Migraine

Hormone problems

PMT/fertility issues/Menopause



Skin problems


Frequent colds and infections

Cardiovascular problems

Joint and muscle pain

Hyperactivity and ADHD


Of course you may have no health issues, but Nutritional Therapy can still help you to achieve optimal health and feel fabulous!

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