Elite Health & Nutrition, Dip NNT, Assoc Naturopath, mNNA

Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food

Hippocrates 460-377B.C 'Father of Medicine'


What is nutritional Therapy?

Supporting you to optimal health, offering relief from ongoing or recurring health issues by providing advice to re-balance the health of all body's systems. Bringing together health wisdom learnt since ancient times with a more modern, evidence based approach, to benefit you, the client.  It can help those who want to take positive action in managing their own health.

Fiona's approach is professional, friendly and realistic, as any effective course of therapy has to be appropriate for each individual and their circumstances.  Hope to see you soon!


"Fiona's advice provided me with energy and motivation to acheive my goals" -- S.Cattell, (marathon runner), Maidstone

 "I have been following a weight loss programme with Fiona Kennard since February and have lost just over 14 1/2 lbs!  Not only am I delighted to have lost the weight but I feel so good in myself - I have more energy, clearer skin, and I sleep better now.   Fiona gives me lots of positive encouragement and expert, easy to follow advice for a healthy, nutritional eating plan.  After many years of 'yo-yo' dieting I feel I have at last acheived a steady weight loss that fits in with my lifestyle and that I feel I can maintain.   --  M.H., Maidstone, May 2012


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